Title: Circulosum
Year: 2013
Keyword: Artist’s Book, Installation, Single Copy
Publisher: Selfpublishing with Carlotta Richter
Location: Berlin
Exhibited: Art Book Berlin, “Ästhetik und Kommunikation”
Exhibited: Issue 162/163, Winter 2013/2014
Link: artbookberlin.de
Link: aesthetikundkommunikation.de

Dimensions: Table (wood and metal): height 67 cm, width 66 cm, depth 62 cm.
Book (varying paper types): thread binding on an axis, 186 pages, height 18,9 cm, width 15 cm.

Images: Roman Kutzowitz

Circulosum is an excessive handbook.The book is a collection of pseudo-scientific texts and a wide range of images. Herein the content is fragmented, reappropriated and linked forming a rhizome of cross references.