Title: Das Wort Hat …
Year: 2014
Keyword: Artist’s Book, Installation, Sound, Archive, Single Copy
Publisher: Selfpublishing with Carlotta Richter
Location: Berlin
Exhibited: Universität der Künste Berlin
Link: bundestag.de

Dimensions: Book (varying paper types): foldout cover, adhesive binding, including memory card with original speeches and film (13:22), 421 pages, height 29,7 cm, width 21 cm.

By saying “Das Wort hat...” (to hold the floor) the president of the German parlaiment generally introduces the next speaker. This book is combined with archive material of selected historical speeches from the German “Bundestag” (audio and transcript) and was exhibited as an installation with a flatscreen TV. Thematically the book connects the political rhetoric of the speakers and the strategies of the Chinese art of war (stratagems).